run to lose weight

Run to Lose Weight Safely (Top Tips & Mistakes)

Amy Stephens, RDN, a registered sports dietitian, says you can safely lose weight while running and avoid injury and lethargy by eating nutrient-dense food and sticking to a 300-calorie deficit. Read her tips below. I’m going to be honest here (because there is no other way that I am), but I avoid talking about how … Read more


Should I See a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist?

In the past several years, a lot has been learned and shared about pelvic floor health postpartum. Honestly, when I had my kids 8 and 5 years ago, I hadn’t heard much about the pelvic floor, and seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist wasn’t on my radar. Even as more information comes out, questions still … Read more

replace your running shoes

When to Replace Your Running Shoes

Last week I started getting some knee pain which was odd for me. I looked at my running shoes and realized I likely needed a new pair. Sure enough, after I replaced my Hokas, my knee felt better—almost instantly. Which then begs the question: when should you replace your running shoes? Related: Hoka Rincon 3 … Read more


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