are massage guns worth the money?

How to Use a Massage Gun (+ 3 Reviews)

UPDATED May 21, 2022: Massage guns for runners are all the rage these days. But are massage guns worth the money? Can massage guns really help your running? When massage therapists, physical therapists, and my chiropractor started using them on me, I started paying attention—maybe massage guns could be worth the investment. So, I hopped … Read more

run to lose weight

Run to Lose Weight Safely (Top Tips & Mistakes)

Amy Stephens, RDN, a registered sports dietitian, says you can safely lose weight while running and avoid injury and lethargy by eating nutrient-dense food and sticking to a 300-calorie deficit. Read her tips below. I’m going to be honest here (because there is no other way that I am), but I avoid talking about how … Read more


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