The 5 Best Maternity Sports Bras

One of the changes your body undergoes when you’re expecting is growing breasts. Your chest size gets larger thanks to hormonal fluctuations—even before your milk comes in! Finding a supportive maternity sports bra is key to staying comfortable when running while pregnant. I am rounding up the best maternity sports bras for mother runners: The Jen & Keri maternity sports bra is the most comfortable while Cadenshae offers the most support.

The best nursing sports bras
Maternity sports bras grow with your breasts so you don’t have to keep buying new ones throughout your pregnancy.

You may be thinking, do I need a maternity sports bra? Many mother runners simply sized up in their favorite sports bra for their own sports bra maternity style. However, maternity sports bras have key features to help you stay comfortable as your body changes. Their pliable support that grows with your body can help ward off back pain and keep your girls from feeling like they are bouncing around.

Also, if you size up, that means the band for rib cage may be bigger but for pregnancy, it’s just the cup size that needs to grow. Therefore, maternity sports bras have larger cup sizes but not larger bands. For this reason, you don’t need to size up for a maternity sports bra–keep your usual size but always check the size guide!

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To develop this list of the best maternity sports bras, I analyzed:

  • The material for softness, pliability, and durability
  • Padded and wide straps that ensure that do not into shoulders
  • Enclosures either with extra hooks in the back or an easy on-off front closure
  • Flexible cup architecture that accommodates growing breasts
  • Cups with comfortable underwire, individual cups, or supportive compression that allows you to breathe

Several of these maternity sports bras double as nursing sports bras. All of them are comfortable and don’t squeeze your bust or dig into your shoulders or ribs. Some are more supportive than others.

Below are the best maternity sports bras on the market!

best maternity sports bras pin
What are the best maternity sports bras for future mothers on the market? Pin these recommendations from Caeden Shae, Kindred Bravely and more.

So, let’s get to it!

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best maternity sports bras pin 2
What are the best maternity sports bras for future mothers on the market? Pin these recommendations from Caeden Shae, Kindred Bravely and more.

Cadenshae Swift Maternity Bra — $57.50

The Caeden Shae ‘Swift Bra’ is a maternity sports bra that adapts to your growing chest size, allows you to discreetly breastfeed, and exercise (like running!) during all stages of motherhood. This sports bra has normal straps, not the racerback style, and fits so well that it has been medically endorsed to reduce the risk of clogged ducts and mastitis.

Cadenshae Swift Maternity Bra
Cadenshae Swift Maternity Bra

Wearers love that this maternity bra is supportive but doesn’t have the awkward cone-shaped boob cup. The nursing clips are also easy to use.


  • Medically endorsed
  • Great for high-impact exercises like running!
  • Transitions to nursing sports bra with clips


  • Somewhat stiff material
  • Not best for small busts

Where to buy: Buy online

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Cake Maternity Zest High Impact Nursing Sports Bra — $80

The Cake Maternity Zest High Impact Nursing bra features a unique flexi-wire design that gives you full support without any of the discomfort underwires can have. The cups are full-coverage, lined with comfy A-frame slings, and easy-feed clips. The flexi-wire design also lifts and shapes your breasts. The band has 6 hooks, giving you room to expand or contract half a size during the stages of your pregnancy.

cake maternity sports bra
Cake Maternity Zest High-Impact Nursing Sports Bra


  • Flexi-wire support and molded cups to minimize bounce
  • Widepadded straps for support and comfort
  • Easy-feed drop down cups with soft lining
  • 6 hooks to adjust sizing by half a size


  • Uncomfortable material for some sensitive skin
  • Not supportive when running with larger busts
  • Straps are short and bulky

Where to buy: Buy online

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Jen & Keri Annie Clip-Free Pumping & Nursing Sports Bra — $68

I was gifted the Jen & Keri sports bra and I still wear it, even though I’m not nursing or pregnant! It comes in the softest sports bra material I have ever felt. Also, because it has no clips, zippers, or Velcro it feels like a normal sports bra—transitioning beautifully between each stage of motherhood.

Jen & Keri Annie Clip-Free Pumping & Nursing Sports Bra
Jen & Keri Annie Clip-Free Pumping & Nursing Sports Bra


  • Buttery soft and recyclable material
  • Seamless construction with smart pull-up pull-down construction for nursing
  • Pretty cut with high neckline and racerback
  • High compression for support that’s not restrictive
  • Inner mesh for breathability


  • Compression may not be supportive enough for large chests
  • Hard to feed your baby if you have a bigger bust

Where to buy: Buy online

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Born Primitive Maternity Milk & Muscles Sports Bra — $55

I love the long style and strappy back of the Born Primitive Maternity sports bra. This sports bra is built for nursing and lifting weights, not running. But because of it’s thick material and long-band construction, most mamas can run in it too. It’s flattering and soft, and the Velcro straps make it easy for on-off for nursing while also staying in place while running. This sports bra is intentionally designed with a larger cup so you have room to grow. Order your normal size instead of sizing up.

Born Primitive Maternity Milk & Muscles Sports Bra
Born Primitive Maternity Milk & Muscles Sports Bra


  • Sports bra can double as a bathing suit top
  • Long band, wide straps, and thick material offer premium support and comfort without underwire
  • Extra room for growth


  • Hard to re-feed Velcro strap with one hand after feedings
  • Thick material can get hot if running in the heat
  • Removable pads can get folded and are hard to straighten out

Where to buy: Buy online

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Kindred Braverly Diana Sublime® Sports Bra — $46

The Kindred Bravely sports bra is comfortable and beautiful. This maternity sports bra comes with a nursing and pumping option, but if you just want a regular sports bra you can wear during pregnancy, this one is it. The fabric is ultra-soft, moisture-wicking and it comes in a racerback construction. It is the prettiest maternity sports bra on this list.

Kindred Braverly Diana Sublime® Sports Bra
Kindred Braverly Diana Sublime® Sports Bra

The only real downside is that it doesn’t have individual cup construction so this sports bra is best for wearing around the house, running errands, lifting, or yoga—not best for running if you have a large chest (like bigger than a C cup).


  • Easy-on pullover style
  • Pretty racerback with seamless construction
  • Soft, stretchy, and moisture-wicking fabric
  • No uncomfortable underwire
  • Seamless, supportive construction
  • Soft, stretchy performance fabric


  • Runs small
  • Not very breathable in summer
  • Not good for large busts plus high-impact activities such as running
  • Removable padding that can get folded if washed

Where to buy: Buy online 

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best maternity sports bras post
Maternity sports bras are not like normal sports bras. They offer unique features for woman’s pregnant body.

The Best Maternity Sports Bras, Recapped

The best maternity sports bras are once that grow with your growing body and still offer you support and comfort. These sports bras allow you to keep safely running without having to choose between having a too loose band or too tight chest, or doubling up on sports bras.

Being pregnant and breastfeeding offers enough discomfort. Your clothes should help, not make it harder. These maternity sports bras do the job well.

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