Best Gifts for Runners in 2023

It’s that time of year! The time of year I love to share the best gifts for runners in 2023. I am rounding up my favorite things I’ve discovered over the past year. There are a few repeat items in there as they are my favorites and have become part of my daily routine.

These gifts for runners help you recover faster and stay healthy and safe.

Camp Runabout
I am excited about the potential to host a mother runner retreat at Camp Runabout in the Poconos!

All of these (minus the retreat—though I do plan to attend in June), I have tried myself. They have made the cut. So, let’s get to the list!

  • Camp Runabout
  • Lagoon Sleep Pillow
  • Previnex Nourify
  • Bob & Brad Mini-Massager
  • Firefly Recovery Straps
  • Relay Active Clothes
  • Sims Tech Safety Device
  • FIITSAFE Clothes
  • Tracksmith NDO tights
  • Calm Mood

10 Best Gifts for Runners in 2023

  1. Camp Runabout — $699

I was approached by the founder of the “summer camp for adults” (with a little bit of running) this fall. I was immediately intrigued. This 4-day retreat in the beautiful Poconos includes beautiful trails, fun adventures, all-inclusive meals, and an open bar.

Start your morning with a group run or yoga session, followed by a delicious meal and massage. Then have some fun and feel like a kid again.

best gifts for runners of 2023
Pin these best gifts for runners of 2023 for later!

Some perks:

  • Your all-inclusive camp experience includes all food including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and late night munchies. This includes loaded salad bars, baked potato bars, pasta bars and a snack and drink cart roaming the camp during activities. There is always tea a coffee available from the dining hall. 
  • Camp Runabout offers a wide variety of activities for your entertainment. After the morning run, we will head to breakfast and then the camp is your playground. You can jump from activity to activity, or simply find a quiet spot to catch up on your favorite book. We will serve lunch midday and then the camp is once again open for activities. All activities are managed by our qualified staff with safety in mind.
  • Activities include ropes courses, zip lines, kayaking, kickball, stand-up paddleboards, swimming, pottery, and jewelry.
  • Option to stay in a private cabin.
  • Featured speakers. This spring, it is running great Bart Yasso!

I am planning to join in June for a retreat with my athletes! Save $50 with code MOTHERRUNNER and also be entered to win a $3,000 Elliptigo!

  1. Lagoon Sleep Pillow – Starting at $119.99, save 15% with code MOTHERRUNNERS

My quality of sleep has greatly improved since I started sleeping with my Lagoon Sleep pillow last year! It was a Tuesday morning when my husband came downstairs at 7:05 a.m. and gently nudged me awake.

lagoon pillow review
We love our Lagoon Pillows! Save 15 percent with code MOTHERRUNNERS.

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To get your custom pillow, fill out a short survey about your sleep goals, what kind of sleeper you are (aka side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper) and pillow preference (firm, soft, high, low, etc.) and it recommends a model.

I got the Fox for myself, fluffing it in the dryer and then taking some of the filling out for a perfectly comfortable fit.

(Read my full pillow review here.)

  1. Bob and Brad Mini-massager — $69.99

Bob and Brad’s Massage Guns are my go-to massage guns. I love them even more than Theragun or Hypervice because they are gentler yet still penetrate powerfully. They are also quiet.

Bob and Brad just released their new mini-massager which is much cheaper than the Theragun mini 2.0 ($149 versus $69!). It is a perfect stocking stuffer. This Bob and Brad mini massage gun fits easily in your purse or car center console. It delivers a strong 12 mm amplitude with a special Right-angled Triangular design that makes it easy to hold and can help reduce wrist strain.

Bob and brad mini massage gun
I love how tiny and might the Bob and brad mini massage gun is.

Bonus: buy on Amazon for fast delivery!

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4. Previnex Nourify $62.95 Save 15% with code TMR 15 

It can be hard to find a healthy protein powder that doesn’t hurt your stomach. I’ve fallen in love with Previnex Nourify when injured. It makes me feel fuller for longer and I know it is giving my body what it needs to heal my torn hip labrum.

What makes Previnex’s protein powder stand apart is that it is vegan without fillers, and includes:

  • a comprehensive blend of ultra-healthy and balanced protein from peas and rice, carbs, and fat,
  • high-quality micronutrients,
  • probiotics, and
  • digestive enzymes.

Previnex Nourify packs a powerful punch and is much more than a protein supplement. It helps nourish you completely. It’s used best as a meal replacement.

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5.   Firefly Recovery — $47

The Firefly Recovery device definitely ups your recovery. I noticed a huge difference in how my legs would feel the day after my long run when I would do my shake-out.

best gifts for runners of 2023
Pin these best gifts for runners of 2023 for later!

The Firefly Recovery works by sending electrical pulses through a nerve in your leg to quadruple blood flow—and as a result, dramatically amplify recovery. (Check out my Instagram reel on how to use the Firefly straps.)

The Firefly Recovery does an amazing job of speeding up recovery, allowing you to train harder and perform better. And because you can simply set it and forget it, you can multitask whiel using them.

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  1. Sims Tech Alarm — $199 plus $79 annual subscription

The Sims Tech Alarm is a running safety gadget that alerts you in your ear buds, smart watch, or cell phone when someone is approaching from behind. It also takes a video and tracks you via GPS.

It also allows you to alert your emergency contacts should you need help, automatically tracking activities and sending your location when your alert is sent.

Sims Tech acts like your own personal security camera, continuously uploading hi-res images to a cloud so that potential attackers can be more easily identified and found.

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  1. Relay Active — Varies

It’s no secret I have fallen in love with Relay Active, by Ann Mazur, an Olympic Trials Qualifier in the marathon and founder of Runners Love Yoga. The brand is reminiscent of Lululemon or Vuori with the same quality and comfort. Yet the prices are much lower and the patterns and colors are much more unique. It is my new favorite brand for working out and wearing around. Hands down. You’ll love any items from their pocket bras and

Leggings Relay Active
I wear my Relay Active pocket leggings probably a bit too much…

leggings, and tie-dye sets.

  1. Tracksmith NDO Tights– $198

These are the best leggings for winter running. Pricey, I know! But the brand boasts standing up to sub-zero temps and they come through. Legs stay toasting no matter the temps or how wet. They are water-repelling, double-layered, and wind- blocking.

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  1. Calm Mood by Healthy Cell — $59.95 for 30-day supply

A new novel stress-releiving product called Calm Mood is taking the health and wellness market by storm. By Healthycell, Calm Mood, developed by physicians and nutritionists, is a blend of non-drowsy nutrients designed to support a sense of calm by relaxing the nervous system and promoting the balance of serotonin and dopamine. Research-backed ingredients to balance stress and promote calm include:

  • Ashwagandha, known for its adaptogenic properties;

    best gifts for runners of 2023 post
    Here is my top ten list of the best gifts for runners in 2023.
  • L-Theanine and GABA, which promote relaxation;
  • 5HTP to support serotonin production;
  • Saffron for mood enhancement;
  • and essential calm-inducing nutrients like Magnesium and B Vitamins.

What makes this product truly unique is the Calm Mood development system—a MICROGEL™ supplement proven to be better absorbed than pill form. Each gel pack contains over 10 different mood supporting nutrients – the equivalent of about 8 pills. I started to notice a difference in my overall mood and stress levels after about 4 weeks.

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  1. FITTSAFE Reflective Gear with Pockets — Starting at $54.99

    Whitney in orange FITTSAFE pocket bra
    FITTSAFE is launching a new line of running apparel with lots of pockets to keep us safe on the run!

FITTSAFE is a new line that’s one of the best reflective running gear for women available today. Creator, Faith, started a walking habit during the pandemic during an incredibly busy and stressful time. Yet walking in the darkness made her worried about her safety. She created her own line to fill the void of pocket-less and non-reflecting workout gear. FITTSAFE has lots of sizeable pockets including a zippered pocket under your chest plus reflective details The clothes are cute, too!

If you need guidance with your training and going after your goals in the winter months, check out my run coaching services. Also, be sure to check out my free training plans:






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