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10 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners 2021

It’s already that time of year! Time to start that holiday shopping (and while you’re at it, treat yourself for all your hard work with these gift ideas for runners!). But what do you gift runners? I am here to help with holiday gift ideas for runners including gift ideas for the runner who has … Read more

marathon recovery tips

7 Marathon Recovery Tips to Recover Faster

Running a marathon is an amazing physical and mental achievement, one that requires an ample amount of time to recover. However, many marathon runners run a marathon only to be eager to jump right back into training—ignoring the best marathon recovery tips: REST and RECOVER. Marathoners think they can capitalize on their marathon fitness or … Read more

mental training tips

9 Mental Training Tips for Runners from Sports Psychologists

Running is a tough sport. And it arguably takes more mental toughness than physical toughness to do it—from getting started, sticking with it, and going after a goal. Mental training for runners can be the difference between not only a personal record but whether running becomes a permanent fixture in your life. What is mental … Read more

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4 Yummy Fall Recipes for Runners

It’s true. I have to admit. I am one of those people that waits for the slightest hint of a brisk fall breeze and then goes pumpkin crazy. As I wrote in my previous marathon tips post, I love nothing more than running a long run in the cool autumn air and then refueling with … Read more


The 4 Best Nursing Sports Bras for Runners

When you become a mother (runner), everything changes including (if you are nursing), your chest. And you suddenly become involved in two endurance activities—running and breastfeeding. Having the proper equipment (the best nursing sports bra) becomes paramount for you and your baby’s comfort. After all, why make life harder as a breastfeeding mother runner than … Read more


26 Pro Marathon Training Tips for Race Day Success

It is marathon season! I love nothing more than fall marathon training. You’ve put in the miles in the summer heat and humidity. And, just as the temperatures drop, your fitness peaks and you spend those cool morning hours flying over quiet roads and paths littered with colorful fallen leaves. Not to mention refueling with … Read more

Proper running form

How to Fix Running Form

This year I’ve been dealing with a plantar fascia tear on my right foot. It followed a hamstring tear, also on my right…and quad pain, also on my right. A visit to a physical therapist’s office to ascertain if I had proper running form revealed pronation of the big toe…on my right. The lesson here? … Read more

What Happens When You Taper

How Do You Taper for a Marathon?

The marathon taper is a CRITICAL component of any marathon training program in order to absorb your training and get to the start line fresh. But tapering for a marathon can be tricky. You can taper too much or too little and end up feeling flat on race day. The marathon taper also messes with … Read more


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