9 Habits of Healthy Mother Runners

Chelsea Mae Plummer over at Mae’s Menu asked me to write a guest post for fellow mother runners. (If you haven’t checked out Chelsea’s site, you should, as it is full of easy-to-make and delicious meals and snacks for runners! These no-bake date energy balls are amazing!).

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After reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned from others and my own experiences, I wanted to write a piece that saves people from the misery I experienced when my kids were really young. Here are the 9 top habits of smart mother runners.

9 Habits of Healthy Mother Runners

A couple of years ago when my son was 1 and my daughter was 4, I hit a breaking point. I was working full-time from home and had decided to get competitive with my running which demanded a lot of time and energy. Meanwhile, my kids were home with me full-time save for two mornings a week when they had preschool.

9 habits of smart mother runners
9 habits of smart mother runners

I tried to conquer everything that was on my plate without any help. That meant I would wake up incredibly early to train and work late at night. My kids got sick a lot and I caught everything they had—and then some. I was stressed, exhausted, and not doing anything as well as I wanted (from being a spouse, parenting, working, or running).

Something had to give.

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I learned many lessons during that time of how the mother runners who seem to “do it all” actually do it all–with help & tricks up their sleeves. These lessons I learned the hard way.

I share them in my guest post on maesmenu.com.

Check out the 9 habits of healthy moms.

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